Our Staff

All of our staff are Gateway Credential Qualified. Our staff have educational qualifications from BA Associates in specializing in early childhood education. Here is just a taste of what they have to say to all the curious parents.
Ms. Arizbeth: Motivators Classroom

"Our blessed little Motivators are always the happiest angels, just a joy to be with ever second of our days, and most of all love hugs and learning more than anything." - Ms. Arizbeth

Ms. Causey & Mr Jamel: Positive Bees Classroom

"The Positive Bees are incredibly eager learners and always ready to help their fellow classmates, I would know since I've been the classroom teacher for 16 years." - Ms. Causey

"You could absolutely say the Positive Bees are 'Buzzing' to help!" - Mr. Jamel

Ms. Nyasha: Chipmunks Classroom

"Us Chipmunks are very energetic, super positive, and they definitely catch on easily as well as engage quite strong with me." - Ms. Nyasha